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Mustika Manis Utama Corporation is the leading Indonesian manufacturer of quality bubble gum in Indonesia. With our ever – innovative product lines Yosan Bubble Gum and Choyo Chocolate leading the way, we have catapulted to a leading position in the industry with our classics and improved Bubble Gum and Chocolate products. Our company also is a leader in the gum category.

Delivering quality products is a top priority and we strive to make sure we are providing great tasting confectionery products that meet uncompromising safety standard.

Our dedication, drive and devotion are to provide the best bubble gum and chocolate products people know and love. Enjoy!

Delivering Fun and Happiness to You

So much has changed since 1986 the first time our confectionery factory (Mustika Manis Utama Corporation) produced our first Yosan Bubble Gum and Choyo Chocolate, but with the same creativity and innovation that fed those early years remains at the heart of our company.

We’ve got a sweet history – but an even richer opportunity for future growth and success is right at our doorstep. We have been exporting our products to various countries around the globe.

Our mission is to take the brands that have been loved from generations to the next level, and we’re continuously innovating to bring the best tasting, biggest bubble, highest – quality confections to the market place.

After more than two decades, We are excited to share the exciting experience of the vivid sensations of bubble gum that brings back the fond childhood memories, as we continue to inspire sweet moments. The fabulous fruits sensation in Yosan bubble gum combined with the wonderful texture made it a taste sensation that releasing even more of the sweet loveliness and endless chewing opportunities unravelled once you had one of our products. This deliciously different sensation is a mouth quivering experience!

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Contact Us PT MUSTIKA MANIS UTAMA Jalan Raya Serang KM.13,8 No. 52 Tangerang 15710, Indonesia
Tel. +62-21-5960348 (Hunting)
Fax. +62-21-5960349
Email. cs@mmu.co.id
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YOSAN 2in1
Quantity 12 Packs X 240 pcs X 2.5g; 50 packs X 24 pcs x 2.5g
Carton Dimension 41x22x30.5, 31x22x19.5,-
Gross Weight 7 kg, 4 kg,-
Estimated Volume 20feet-1176 Ctn;1980ctn, 40feet-2407 Ctn;4070ctn,-
Price Call,-
Yosan Jumbo
Quantity 24 packs X 60 pcs X 2.5g
Carton Dimension 28cmx24cmx17.5cm,-
Gross Weight 5kg,-
Estimated Volume 20feet - 2440ctn,-
Price Call,-
Bola Toples 2006
Quantity 6 toples X 200pcs X 2.5g
Carton Dimension 34.5cmx24cmx22.5cm,-
Gross Weight 5.0kg,-
Estimated Volume 20feet - 1600ctn,-
Price Call,-
Bola Sack 2006
Quantity 12 sacks X 100pcs X 2.5g
Carton Dimension 41x22x30.5, 31x22x19.5,-
Gross Weight 7kg, 4kg,-
Estimated Volume 20feet - 1176ctn; 1980ctn, 40feet - 2407Ctn; 4070ctn,-
Price Call,-
Yosan 4 Rasa
Quantity 20 sacks x 48pcs x 3.5g
Carton Dimension 35cmx22cmx14cm,-
Gross Weight 5.5kg,-
Estimated Volume 20feet - 3000ctn,-
Price Call,-
Yosan 4 Rasa Toples
Quantity 150 x 6 x 3.5g
Carton Dimension 34cmx23.5cmx21cm,-
Gross Weight 6.5kg,-
Estimated Volume 40feet - 3.400ctn,-
Price Call,-
Extra Toples
Quantity 6 toples x 150pcs x 2.5g
Carton Dimension 34.5cmx24cmx22.5cm,-
Gross Weight 4.2kg,-
Estimated Volume 20feet - 1600ctn,-
Price Call,-
Yosan Long Gum
Quantity 50layer x 24pcs x 3g
Carton Dimension 23cmx32cmx21cm,-
Gross Weight 4.0kg,-
Estimated Volume 20feet - 1980ctn,-
Price Call,-
Choyo Cup
Quantity 12 layers x 20 cups x 6g
Carton Dimension 30cmx20.5cmx17.5cm,-
Gross Weight 2.2kg,-
Estimated Volume 20feet - 2850ctn,-
Price Call,-
Choyo Stick
Quantity 40 layers x 10 sticks x 4g
Carton Dimension 32cmx31cmx16cm,-
Gross Weight 2.5kg,-
Estimated Volume 20feet - 1834ctn,-
Price Call,-
Choyo Stick Jumbo
Quantity 212 layers x 12 sticks x 13g
Carton Dimension 34cmx25cmx21.5cm,-
Gross Weight 4.4kg,-
Estimated Volume 20feet - 1800ctn, 40feet - 3366ctn,-
Price Call,-
Choyo Celup
Quantity 12 x 12 x 25g
Carton Dimension 61x29x34.5,-
Gross Weight 4.6kg,-
Estimated Volume 20feet - 576ctn, 40feet - 1216ctn,-
Price Call,-
Super Combo
Quantity 20 x 12 x 7.5g
Carton Dimension 39.5cmx33.5cmx19.5cm,-
Gross Weight 3kg,-
Estimated Volume 20feet - 3.100ctn,-
Price Call,-
Choyo stick renceng 24 x 24
Quantity 24 x 24 x 2 g
Carton Dimension 32,2 cm x 18,8 cm x 8,7 cm,-
Gross Weight 1,3 kg,-
Estimated Volume 4375,-
Price Call,-,-
Choyo cup rainbow 12 x 20
Quantity 12 x 20 x 7 g
Carton Dimension 33,6 cm x 20,5 cm x 15,5 cm,-
Gross Weight 2,6 kg,-
Estimated Volume 3182,-
Price Call,-,-
MF Toples 6 x 100
Quantity 6 x 100 x 2,5 g
Carton Dimension 34,8 cm x 24 x 19,5 cm,-
Gross Weight 4,8 kg,-
Estimated Volume 1750,-
Price Call,-,-
Extra Sack Strawberry
Quantity 33 x 24 x 2.5g
Carton Dimension 33cmx18.5cmx24.5cm,-,-
Gross Weight 3kg,-,-
Estimated Volume 40feet - 3.400ctn,-,-
Price Call,-,-
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Contact Us PT MUSTIKA MANIS UTAMA Jalan Raya Serang KM.13,8 No. 52 Tangerang 15710, Indonesia
Tel. +62-21-5960348 (Hunting)
Fax. +62-21-5960349
Email. cs@mmu.co.id